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China’s Total Debt Surges To 251% Of GDP

China’s total debt (financial credit) burden hit 251% of GDP at the end of June, according to Stephen Green at Standard Chartered.
By comparison, the US had a 260% total-debt-to-GDP ratio in 2013 and Japan has 415%, according to the FT.


Green points to a chart showing the divergence in total credit and nominal GDP.

Here Are The Silliest Softball Questions Hillary Clinton Answered On Facebook

Hillary Clinton visited Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California on Monday, and during her visit, she logged onto the social networking site to answer some questions about her new book “Hard Choices.” However, the digital Q&A wasn’t exactly…


Another "celebrity"…not a Problem Solver…"children of SM"…

Everything We Know About The Huge Spy Base In Cuba That Russia Is Reopening

Moscow and Havana have agreed to reopen a Cold War-era signals intelligence (SIGINT) base in Lourdes, Cuba. 
An agreement was reached during Putin’s visit to Cuba last week to reopen the base, Russia business daily Kommersant reported last week.


Obama’s legacy = the "new and improved USSR"…


‘Lone Soldiers’: Who Are the Americans Fighting for Israel?

About 2,000 Americans are fighting for the Israeli military, one group estimates.


4 them…country = political system…Israel = genetic/belief system…which is more real?… Prof. Hankell


Death Tolls Rise for Both Sides in Israeli-Gaza Conflict

The Palestinian death toll in an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip jumped to more than 500 on Monday.


The kidnapping of three Israeli teens rekindled hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militants…

‘Parentpreneur’ businesses: starting a business while raising a family

Thinking about starting a home-based business to balance work and family commitments?


How do you balance business commitments with childcare during the school holidays?…

5 E-Commerce Survival Strategies – Leaders in Heels | For Successful Women in Business

With e-commerce sites growing in popularity, there are some key things you can do now to ensure your store will survive and thrive.


1. Have a blog and a refined voice…