I was asked this question…and I answered:

We…humans…are the most teachable of all the animals…we have to LEARN practically everything…How to walk/talk/eat/speak/etc…we LEARN as kids in a very dogmatic way…through punishments/rewards given to us by our Culture/Environment…read Pavlov/Watson/Skinner/Agrys/Hofstede/Senge/Bohm among others to understand this…Your Culture/Environment forms/deforms your mental maps/paradigms that filter reality to create inside your head/world within…”your reality”…we do not believe because we “see”…we can only “see” because we believe. Everybody the same = Political correctness…POLITICAL…that should give you a hint…We can only help to develop Collectivism/Individualism through Education = Culture/Environment…as the MSM is doing…MSM is there not to inform…but to deform…giving “shape” to “reality” through education/repetition = “what is trendy” so that people repeat and be rewarded with acceptance…unless we become aware/get hold of our Thinking Process…we will be Manipulated…We are born with a clean slate…IMHO…

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    • ahankell says:

      Thank you. Glad you liked it…checked your Blog on technology and it is very useful…thanks again…

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