10 most valuable startups launched by students [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

Most college students have a heck of a time scraping by these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for these young minds on the verge of starting careers.

In fact, many don’t wait for a diploma to tell them it’s time to start making their mark, especially these students who managed to crash the tech world in a big, big way.

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How to Succeed in the Real World = Not Taught at Any School…

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What is Uncertainty Avoidance?

Uncertainty Avoidance is one of the more difficult dimensions of the Hofstede model to explain. I’ll try and explain it in simple plain English.

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HUAStructure, rules, expertise: makes sense too, right? But not only formal rules (like the maximum speed on the freeway, but also informal rules like how do you properly poor a glass of wine and taste it).Security (avoiding the unfamiliar): rather then taking risks, people prefer that what they know already.

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Yemen’s president flees abroad as country teeters on brink of collapse

Yemeni President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi escaped to the capital of Saudi Arabia on Thursday after fleeing the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

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Yemen was thrown into even greater turmoil Thursday morning after Saudi Arabian fighter jets blasted Yemeni rebels in an attempt to stop the rebel advance. Saudi intervention threatens to widen the internal Yemeni conflict into a regional battle that could potentially see significant involvement from nations such as Iran, Egypt and even the United States…

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