Passion vs Profit – The Inventor’s Struggle to a Saleable, Scabable Business

An analysis of traditional business arguments concerning passion and profit and how crowdfunding and creativity are changing the way entrepreneurs do business.


Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Your grandma got it right growing up–you’re special, you are one of a kind. Blanket advice is BS without looking at the person.

And in the world of business there are two distinctively different individuals at play: the inventor and the entrepreneur. And for most of us, we’re a combination of the two.

Crowdfunding though at its core is an arena of creatives. There’s vastly more inventors than entrepreneurs on the platform–it’s early adopters vs. mass market businessmen.

Those are the individuals sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo were originally built to serve.

More recently though crowdfunding’s been evolving. With the proven success of creators spurring growth, the entrepreneurs and corporations are catching on and racing to join the wave of crowdfunded growth.

Understanding Your Strengths

In business there’s more than your fair share of competition–the question of course: what sets you apart? What is your unique strength, your unfair advantage that allows you to compete.

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