YouTube star Stampy mixes Minecraft and education in Wonder Quest show

Joseph Garrett’s feline alter-ego is a superstar for kids, but he’s happily under the radar for adults: ‘Mainstream approval is something I’m not interested in’
Joseph Garrett isn’t famous.


Joseph Garrett isn’t famous. He’s a gamer and video producer in his mid twenties, who leads a quiet life well away from the tabloid spotlight.

His alter-ego, though, is a superstar. Albeit one more likely to be spotted falling off a physically-impossible tower of beds in Minecraft than papped falling out of a nightclub.

Garrett’s alter-ego is Stampy, a cat character whose YouTube channel has more than 5.6 million subscribers and nearly 3.4bn video views. In 2014, it was the fourth biggest channel on YouTube, sandwiched between Katy Perry and Shakira.

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