BREMMER: There was a time when geopolitics was dangerous, yet stable — not anymore

A turbulent geopolitical environment is presenting the global economy with potential for major turmoil, warned Ian Bremmer at the Sohn Conference Foundation in New York Monday.  And, it could be on Washington to temper its expectations — and watch…


"Our willingness to engage on behalf of our allies is changing," he said at the event.

But the next presidential election could change that. For almost half a century and the entire cold war, we had a geopolitical environment that was dangerous, but remained stable.

No more, he said. 

ISIS is the biggest and best-financed terrorist group in the world and Russia keeps defying international mandates to de-escalate its situation in Ukraine. 

President Barack Obama is less willing "than many who are running in 2016" to engage in international conflicts…

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