8 Best Energy-Boosting Foods

When I see my niece running all day long and still being super energetic at the end of the day, I wish I could have the same energy level. Even though busy schedules, stress and sleep deprivation are the major causes of low… #energyboostingfoods #chronicfatigue #waterrichfoods #essentialnutrients

Source: womanitely.com

1. Greek yogurt

While plain regular yogurt is a good energy-boosting food, plain Greek yogurt is a healthier one. It contains more protein, healthy carbs and fats than regular yogurt, which means you will feel more energetic if you snack on Greek yogurt in the middle of the day. Eating Greek yogurt for breakfast helps to fight morning fatigue and bad mood. If you are not a big fan of Greek yogurt, you can use it in your favorite meals and snacks to reap all its benefits without realizing it. You can use it in your favorite fruit salad or fruit smoothies. Many people use Greek yogurt in their soups too…

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