Microsoft researchers detail VC3, a way to securely process data in the cloud

Microsoft Research today unveiled Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing (VC3), a framework for processing data that keeps code and data from being seen by attackers or people working for a cloud provider.


Microsoft is revealing VC3 a few weeks after it said it would boost email content encryption in Office 365. Clearly, security is one area Microsoft wants to take seriously, not only for its cloud software but also for cloud infrastructure that can run other companies’ applications.

Meanwhile, other cloud service providers have been striving to do more with encryption. Box recently announced Enterprise Key Management for storing customers’ encryption keys and audit logs on dedicated hardware security modules. And IBM research scientist Craig Gentry, who was named a MacArthur fellow in September, is looking to improve the performance of an encryption method called Fully Homomorphic Computing (FHE)…

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