A man of modesty, Turkmenistan president gets a giant gilded statue

Fitting monument for a man known as “the protector” and “the national horse-breeder of Turkmenistan.”

Source: mashable.com

HPD = High Power Distance…HPD + Corruption go always hand in hand…

The statue is called "The Protector", Berdymukhamedov’s unofficial title. It is the first such monument of the president since he came to power in 2006. He won the presidential election in 2012 with 97 percent of the vote. Election monitors, not surprisingly, questioned the legitimacy of the vote. 

In April, parliament approved a government decree bestowing Berdymukhamedov with the official title of "national horse-breeder of Turkmenistan." Parliament has also designated him "Master Jockey and Mentor."

Turkmenistan has the world’s fourth-largest proven reserves of natural gas, and is viewed as one of the world’s most "corrupt and repressive countries."


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