About Prof. Hankell

Prof. Hankell

Author: Lifelong Learning Leadership + Quantum Communication – Lessons

Life – CR – Global Business – STEM – SM

Communication Coach/Consultant via Skype

Bi-cultural 100% English/Spanish

AVC Web Page: http://ahankell.wix.com/avc-services

Prof. Alfred Hankell Profile:


Daily interaction with over 2,000 LinkedIn Connections Worldwide, scores of PhDs, CEOs, hundreds of Managers while being named Top Contributor for Groups of Professionals such as: Lean Six Sigma, Global Leaders of the 21st Century , American Politics Culture & Economy, The Executive Coach, others…

Endorsed for over 50 Skills by his peers in LinkedIn.

Publish on a daily basis #Communication awarded Gold for being the best source for Business.in Scoop.it.

Publish on a daily basis Audio Visual Communication Services Blog in WP, Pinterest, Google+, tumbler.

Publish on You Tube Educational Videos on Communication, Business, Diversity, Development, Critical Reasoning, others…

Have provided Bi-cultural coaching for executives in 4 countries in companies such as: HSBC, SC Johmson, Chrysler, Ford, G-M, Superior, Eaton, Perkins, TRW, Fisher, Micromotion, Bancomer, Cano Estructuras, COEUR, Grupo Cementos Chihuahua, Visteon, UAEM, AMEAC, American Industries, and more…

Specialties: Communication/Critical Reasoning Coach/Consultant 100% English/Spanish. Author, Composer, Blogger, Advocate, Manager, Critical Thinker…


Audio Visual Communication Services

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